SERIAC                       (SOUTH EAST REGION OF THE  IAC)

SERIAC                       (SOUTH EAST REGION OF THE  IAC)
 for 2.30 start.  

Entrance £7 to include a cream tea.

Hosted by:

Chichester Film and Video Makers

The Albany

2018 Results

The Albany Trophy

For the Best Overall Entry

‘Cardinal Sin

Chichester Film & Video Makers

The Runners Up Trophy

‘The Prodigal’

Haywards Heath Movie Makers

The Albany Editing Trophy

For the Best Edited Film

‘Cardinal Sin’


Newell Centre

Tozer Way

Chichester PO19 7LG                                                       

The Albany Competition began in 1966 after a suggestion by film making enthusiast and Albany Cine Club Chairman, Syd Mitchell . He suggested a competition to find the best film between Sussex clubs. This film had to be set to a theme, chosen by a representative of the clubs involved. After he died, the Albany Cine Club unfortunately folded but, thanks to the enthusiasm of the other Sussex clubs, the competition was revitalised and continues today as a tribute to Syd.

Initially open to all Sussex clubs, the competition has now been extended to closer clubs in East Hampshire, Surrey and Kent with a maximum number of fourteen club entrants. If there are insufficient entries, participating clubs can submit a second movie.

The competition is judged live and the results announced at the end of the event. The movies entered must not exceed 15 minutes running time and the club that wins will host the following year's event, with the proviso that the venue must always be in East or West Sussex.

2018 Albany Competition was hosted by Chichester Film & Video Makers - theme ‘The Elephant in the Room’

Chichester Film & Video Makers

The Greenyer Trophy

For the Best Use of Sound

‘The Prodigal’

The Syd Mitchell Trophy

For the Best Comedy

‘Stay for the Raffle’

South Downs Film Makers

53rd Year

Cardinal Sin

                                 Theme for 2019

                  ‘To Close to Call’

Sunday 14th April 2019





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‘Fast Forward’

Next year’s theme 2019

“To Close to Call”