"Stuck in the Middle" by Jack Butler


Sussex Challenge Cup     

Young Movie Maker's, award

 Drama award

 Editing award

"Mechanical Things" by Rod Willerton


Documentary award

"50 Years Later" by Rod Willerton


Travelogue / Holiday award

"Travel Companion" by South Downs Film Makers


Club award

Acting award (all the cast members)

Comedy award

"The Anniversary" by David Fenn


One Minute award

"Take the A Road" by David Fenn

Sound award

"Around Buttermere" by Jonathan Wilde


Photography Award

"Hero in Bronze" by Clive Hand

Highly Commended

Mike Coad Trophy (Audience favourite)

Festival Results Wivesfield

"A Year on the Farm" by Paul Bailey



"How Does Your Garden Grow"

South Downs Film Makers


1 Minute Award

Challenge Cup

Club, Acting, Comedy Awards

Documentary Award

Photography Award

Sound Award

Travelogue Award

Yourn MM, Drama Editing Award

Awards presented By Mike Whyman  FACI

Chairman IAC

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