SERIAC                       (SOUTH EAST REGION OF THE  IAC)

SERIAC Film Festival 2016

Held Saturday 9th April 2016  

We were delighted to be back at the Oast Theatre.

The SERIAC Annual Film Festival was held at the Oast Theatre, Tonbridge on 9th April, during which we held our AGM.  

The Festival is open to anyone within the Region who makes non-commercial movies.

An amateur film or video is deemed to be one that is made with no profit motive involved and without professional assistance. A completed and signed entry form must accompany each film.

Once again we had a grant from the IAC which enabled us to offer tickets to the Festival for just £5.00 which included our usual buffet.  Any new member of the IAC from April 2014 was entitled to a free ticket.  There was also a discount on your film entry if you are a member of the I.A.C.   

This year’s winners are:

The Regional Shield

‘Victim’ Best film in Festival

Awarded to Ron Prosser, Hayward Health Movie Makers


‘East One West’ for the runner up best in festival

Graham Ralls

The Surrey Borders Trophy

‘Big Game Hunting’ for special merit

Graham Ralls

The Croydon Trophy

East One West’ for best documentary

Graham Ralls

The Baynes Trophy

‘Desolation Shore’ for best photography

Jonathan Wilde

The Southern Sound Trophy

‘Are you sitting Comforably’ for best use of sound

South Downs Film Makers

The JVC Trophy

‘Greece is the Word’ for best edited movie

Tim Stannard

The Acting Trophy

‘Victim’ for best acting performance

Lucy la Vey

The SERIAC 60 Cup

‘A Prayer for Today’ best film one minute or less

David Fenn

The Paterson Cup

‘The Vacuum Cleaner’ for best animated film

Norman and Christopher Lilley

Audience Vote

The Alex Dove Plate

‘The Man who Walked too Far’

Peter Bluck

Highly Commened:

‘The Man who Walked too Far’

Peter Bluck

‘Twentieth Century Boy’

Graham Evans

‘ 7 Minute Meal for the Busy Professional’

Peter Macpherson

‘The Moving Church’

Dorothy Batten

‘Driving the American Dream’

Rod Willerton


‘One Man and his Camera’

Roy de Boise


Mike Shaw

‘Follies Man’

Riot Film Group

‘Oh Boy’

Surrey Borders Movie Makers

The Marina Trophy

‘Victim’ for best drama

Ron Prosser

The Orpington Trophy

‘Pot Luck’ for best comedy

Haywards Heath Movie Makers

The Kent Cup

‘Are you sitting Comfortably’ best film from an IAC affiliated club

South Downs Film Makers

The Colin Pain Trophy

‘Greece is the Word’ for no special category (other)

Tim Stannard

The Open Trophy

‘Quill I AM’

Christopher Conil

The Junior Award

‘Beast in a Briefcase’ for best film by a person under 18

Luke Baumkotter

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Copies of the 2016 Festival Films DVD set is still available