South East Region of the IAC

Kent Film Festival

Prestigious Kent Film Festival

is cancelled this year due to the corona virus and a change in the team  generally responsible for putting together the competition.

Peter Hughes and his team have worked hard over the years to ensure we have our favourite festival every September but our present team feel that the time is right for new members to join the team.

We are certain that like us you do not want to lose a wonderful day out in Canterbury and feel sure there is some one, or members in your club, who would like to step up to the wire and meet a new challenge.

Over the years we have seen some wonderful films, besides the enjoyment of meeting friends and the excitement of hearing the winning entries.

This festival has always been held in high esteem.

We cannot let its passing go without asking you to help.

A ready made project for you to become involved in. The excitement of planning the festival as a group and showing the movies.

So a new beginning.  If filming is your love, passion and strength – hopefully you will want to be involved.

Will you be part of the team that saves the Kent?

Contact Peter Hughes:

Go to The Kent Film Festival page for 2019 results