SERIAC                       (SOUTH EAST REGION OF THE  IAC)

SERIAC                       (SOUTH EAST REGION OF THE  IAC)

Kent Film Festival 2014

List of winners from Saturday 27th September Festival

Barclay Trophy for best movie

Most Entertaining Film

Acorn Trophy for best IAC club movie

Charlesworth Trophy for best photography

Animation Trophy

Cornwallis Trophy for one minute film

Les Holtum Cup best documentary

Les Paine Trophy for holiday/travel

Vic Currie Comedy Plate

Johnson Trophy for best acting

Mike Turner Drama Award

Canterbury Cup for sound

Dennis Minett Place for editing

Maiden Trophy for first time winner

Kent Film Festival for best other film

Lazer Rush Award for Kent subject

Student Trophy

Natural Wonders of the South East

Peter Macpherson

Fair Exchange

Spring Park Film Makers

A Precious Commodity

Gerald Pecksen


Hugh Darrington

Bad News for Mrs. Smudge

Hugh Darrington

The Bells of St.Bartholomew’s Otford

Barbara Darby

Darwin’s Islands

John sharp

The Sandown Space Project

Bruce Partleton


Russ Gomm

The Portal

Bruce Partleton

Ervin Bossanyi

Graham Ralls

Shades of Autumn

Mike Coad

A Different Canvas

Dorothy Batten

The Girl with the Red Beret

Edward Smyth

Highly Commended







Richard and Brenda Troughton

A youthful Obsession               

Tim Jones

The No Flush! Project               

Alexander Potter

Something, Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Graham Ralls

Mary Standford

Peter Filbert

The Artist

Mike Shaw

This year The Kent Film Festival had a grand total of 51 entries.  One sign of a healthy festival is the extent that the festival continues to attract entrants of all ages.

A high number of movies were entered on high definition this year, which gives an added quality to the pictures on the big screen.

Watch presentation of awards below

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