SERIAC                       (SOUTH EAST REGION OF THE  IAC)

What’s happening around the IAC Regions

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Sam is an association of amateur film-makers and affiliated film-making clubs from all over Scotland, the Borders and Carlisle. They meet monthly, usually from October through to June in locations throughout the central belt and sometimes further afield.

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CEMRIAC came into existence in 1969 and it supports around 250 members and many clubs in 13 counties. It is run by a Regional Council elected at the AGM and it organises and runs events for members and affiliated clubs or societies within the region.

Tripod is the magazine of the North West Region of the IAC.  The region covers a large number of clubs in the North West of England, the Isle of Man and Northern Island.

Due to the retirement of the current regional officers the contact for the East Anglia Region is currently:

IAC Administrator,

The Film and Video Institute,

For further SoCo information, go to Teign Filmmakers website.

NERIAC provides for clubs and lone workers in North East England. The area covers the counties from Humberside up to the Scottish Border and across to West Yorkshire

The North Thames Region covers an area North of the line of the River Thames into Greater London (North) Middlesex, Essex, Herfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.