SERIAC                       (SOUTH EAST REGION OF THE  IAC)

SERIAC                       (SOUTH EAST REGION OF THE  IAC)

Three regional festivals for you to enter your movies

Film Festivals

Both SERIAC and the counties within our region hold their own festivals for all film makers within that county. These festivals are in addition to national festivals, and provide an invaluable opportunity to meet fellow film-makers and to show movies to a wider audience - with the added challenge of winning certificates and trophies. Entries get critiques from experienced movie makers.

An amateur film or video is deemed to be one that is made with no profit motive involved and without professional assistance.

23rd September 2017

Kent Festival

8th October 2017

Sussex Festival




Kent holds an annual festival for film-makers within the county, at the Powell Theatre, Christ Church University. Canterbury. For over 40 years the Kent Film Festival has provided amateur film-makers with the opportunity to show their films to appreciative audiences.

       See list of 2016 winners

   Click here for KFF 2017 page

The Sussex Film Festival is an annual competition of films and videos made by people without professional resources. They may be members of clubs in Sussex and the Channel Islands or just groups and individuals living in these areas.  The Festival is held in the Autumn of each year in Mid Sussex, and is open to members of the public to come along and view the movies.



Go to SERIAC 2017 page for winning entries. Click here.

We are back at the Oast Theatre for the 2018 Festigval and SERIAC AGM next year.

What’s on next

12th May 2018

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19th - 22th October 2017



    Harrogate,  Yorkshire           Hosted by IAC    Council12-15th Apr 2018