SERIAC                       (SOUTH EAST REGION OF THE  IAC)

SERIAC                       (SOUTH EAST REGION OF THE  IAC)

16th -  19th APRIL 2015

The Coniston Hotel


The SERIAC Council would like to send their thanks to all those who helped and attended BIAFF 2015 making this year’s festival a WINNER.

There was lots on offer

Comfortable hotel

Gala dinner


Plenty of help on hand

And not forgetting the films which made the festival a winner for everyone

A full report on the festival and plenty of photos will be available in the next special edition of SERIAC News which will be sent to you as a hard copy and will also appear on this website.

Click here for more photos

If you were unfortunate and missed BIAFF click on this link for a chance to watch some of the films we enjoyed

If you joined us at BIAFF 2015, we would like to hear from you.  Please send your thoughts and comments to:

Thank you

Plus our visit to the Chatham Historic Dockyard